Through the volunteering and fundraising efforts of the Friends of the Llano Library, the Library continues to provide vital quality services and resources to the community. 


The purpose of the Friends of the Llano Library (FOLL) is to support the Llano Library. The Friends provide assistance for the Library programs and activities through a variety of fund raisers and book sales. 


The Friends maintain an ongoing fundraiser in the form of a Friends Book Sale Room in the Library.  The Book Room is open every day during  Library hours. The Book Room is continuously being updated with new book arrivals on a monthly basis so frequent patrons will find new books to read.The books include fiction, large print books and a variety of non-fiction books to select.

The suggested price list is posted and there is a convenient cash box inside the Book Room to accept your donation.  This Book Room provides funding to support the Library activities and programs that are ongoing in the Library.


The fundraisers the Friends offer begin in February with a Soup Supper.  We offer various types of soups and the chance to sample them before making the decision of what bowl to select.  In the summer, the Friends offer an opportunity to come to the Library to escape the heat and enjoy an ice cream sundae.  The event is held on a Sunday afternoon and is well attended.  The Cemetery Tour in October, brings the past alive by offering live performers at the Llano Cemetery telling Llano’s past.   In December, the Friends hold a Spuds & Salad at the Library. 


CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING -The Friends support the Children’s Programs from Lego Camp to Reptile shows to Tyke Clubs. In the summer the programs give the children of the area a place to come and have fun and learn at the same time.
ADULT PROGRAMMING - The Friends provide support for Adult programming that is ongoing throughout the year.  These programs range from health issues, crafts and how to address every day concerns such as gardening and animal control.
TEEN PROGRAMMING - The Friends also support the Teen programs that go on during the school year. This provides a gathering point after school for the teens where they can socialize and learn valuable life lessons at the same time.


There are other needs of the Library in addition to programming that the Friends provide.  They include sending staff members to area training classes to improve and hone their Library skills and sending staff members to the state convention of Librarians that is held annually.

The Friends also provide funding for material and equipment needs as the situation requires it.


As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, the Friends welcome donations at any time to further our efforts in support of the Library.  We also welcome any volunteers that help with our fundraising activities and other on-going programs.

Membership is open to everyone and more information on how to join can be found at the Library Circulation Desk. Everyone is encouraged to join to continue providing the assistance needed for our Library.As you can see, our activities are varied and needed by the Library to maintain the high standards that the Llano community expects from their Library